Gamedos – What Are They?

Games are anything that one person attempts to accomplish by using luck, skill or strategy. Often, the activity can be physical, for instance playing a game of chess, or it can be mental, for instance participating in an interactive game of poker. In our modern world, one can play games online or offline. One advantage of online games is that one does not have to travel to another location to participate. Yet, some games are multiplayer, where two or more players take part in an interaction through a network of computers or the internet.


Computer games are categorized into Action, Role-Playing and Simulation. There are hundreds of thousands of computer games and more are being created every day. Games are categorized according to themes including Space, Shooting, Sports, Vehicle, Military, Card, board and word games. Chris Crawford, author of Playing With Computer Games and the creator of the popular computer game operating systems, has said that action games are those in which the player takes on the role of a part of an agency or group, doing things that could happen in real life.

An action game is typically a competitive game. They often use weapons such as guns, lasers, vehicles and even explosives and biohazardous substances. Usually the object of the game is to kill as many opponents as possible without being killed yourself. The object or mission may require skill such as swimming against a deadline or avoiding traps. When skill is required, the outcome of the game is influenced by luck, terrain and timing. If there is no such thing as cheats code or a quick fix, then the only way to improve your skills is to practice.

A game is considered a simulation when it involves a human interaction. Most people do not consider computer games that involve racing, playing the sport or other activities to be a simulation. Computer games allow you to escape the real world and put yourself into another one. This is not to say that all computer games are necessarily good, just that there are many games that can give you a good time.

Gamedos are used to refer to video arcade games, video games, online games or flash games. Video games that incorporate elements of sports are known as sports games. Online games are multiplayer online games that require the use of two or more computers to compete with each other. Flash games are virtual applications that run on a web browser. Many of these games are free to download and play.

Gamedos have become a common term within the game industry. It is now commonly used in reference to any type of video game. Many individuals are unaware that they originated during the 1980s. Computer games that utilize technology similar to that of the Xbox, PlayStation 3 or Wii are considered to be gamedo’s. Games that are developed using computer animation are called “Flash” games. Some examples of games are Sonic and Super Mario.