Widgets – The Heart of GADgets


Widgets – The Heart of GADgets

A gadget is any clever little device or even a human invention. Gadgets can be called either gizmos or machines. There is no such thing as a single gadget that fits all the descriptions. You will find that gadgets come in all sizes, shapes and colors.

When you mention a gadget you think about something small that performs a specific task. A microchip is not a gadget but instead is the part that help the electronic circuit within a microprocessor device run smoothly. A microchip is considered to be a gadget because it serves a purpose but the function it serves may be so many other things apart from just being a gadget. The three most popular categories of gadgets are gaming, technological, and beauty devices. A woman named Lisa is known to be the world’s top expert on beauty issues.

A widget is a device or widget that is used to display some information on a screen. The word gadget itself suggests that a gadget is something that is very small and can be used for small tasks. GADgets also have another definition according to the Oxford English Dictionary. GADGET means a present that combines various useful and interesting parts to make one useful.

You will find there are many websites that help you find the perfect gadget according to your need. There are different types of widgets available for your Android phones and PDAs, according to the type of applications you want to use. There are gaming apps, productivity apps, utilities apps and much more. The word gadget itself is taken from the French word “gadot” which means a game or toy. It is taken from the meaning of the word game.

There are many sites that can teach you how to make widgets and other types of apps that can work as both gizmos and games or both. The word gadget has been expanded to cover all these various types of gadgets and apps for mobile devices. Some examples of common gizmo and widget are: calculator widgets, online stores for shopping, games, translators, weather widgets, time widgets, Bluetooth gadgets, MP3 players, camera widgets, camcorders, TV tuners, audio players and many others. In fact there are too many to mention.

These apps are the best thing to happen to the mobile world. You will never have a moment where you do not have any widget on your mobile screen. Just go ahead and explore the wide world of widgets.