The Impact of Science and Technology on Society


The Impact of Science and Technology on Society

A broad definition of Technology is any machine or process that makes use of or provides access to information or data in one form or another. Examples of Technology are: computers, mobile phones, microwaves, the web, GPS, televisions, exercise equipment, air conditioners, compact discs, personal computers, video games, and clothing items. There are many categories under Technology. Some examples are: Digital Signage, Digital Manufacturing, Discrete Mathematics, Internet, Information Technology, Medical, Manufacturing, Non-ventional Energy, Social Technologies, Transportation, and Wireless Technologies. As the definition implies technology can be used in a number of different ways. However, there is a common thread behind all technologies; they are used to bring a benefit to people and society.

Communication, entertainment, information, social interaction, education and much more have been positively affected by technology. Because of this, there are numerous places throughout the world that thrive on using technology to better serve their communities or even the entire world. The need for Technologies in each of these areas varies. Each area will determine the type of technology that would be most beneficial to the people within that area. Some examples include: communication, entertainment, education, health care, household goods, on-line, and so forth.

Many people are unaware of the tremendous impact that the society has had on the development of Technologies. While some people can see the need for certain types of technologies, others might see things like the Internet as an eyesore. While both views are valid, the impact of the Internet cannot be overlooked because it is one of the most significant technologies of our time.

The impact of Science and technology is undeniable. A good example of this is how people throughout time have harnessed electricity, developed transportation systems, invented medicines, produced paper, crafted clothing, and formed the government. In the past, people did not have the same opportunities that they have now, but thanks to the advances of science and technology, that all could be a possibility. Without the presence of such advancements, many people probably would have never seen the fruits of their labor.

Another aspect of the topic that many people are unaware of is the impact of Technology on business and industry. Technological innovations have allowed people to take control of many aspects of their lives. They can now produce, deliver, and utilize goods and services that were previously only available to large corporations and countries. These advancements have also benefitted small businesses because they have been able to use technology to provide better services, produce more goods and lower their operating costs. For example, new materials for making widgets, solar cell technology, and high definition video recording have all allowed individuals and small businesses to take advantage of technological advancements to the benefit of them and their customers.

The impact of Science and technology has greatly benefited mankind. One only has to look around the globe to see how much better life has become for people in various nations. Thanks to the scientific, technological and economic developments that have taken place, there is no telling what the world will look like in the future. In the next section, we will examine some of the ways in which the science and technology community have impacted society.