Technological Systems


Technological Systems

Technology is nothing but the application of science and math to improve upon existing procedures and systems so as to produce more efficient methods and outcomes. The development of technology affects all aspects of life be it technical, cultural, economic or social. This includes telecommunications, computer sciences, information technology, health care, transportation, engineering and other physical sciences. The scope of technology is almost unimaginable. It has changed the way people live their lives, work, study and communicate.

Technological Technology affects every aspect of life be it cultural, economical or social. It is a very fast growing sector which is not only the fastest growing sector of our economy but also the one with the fastest growth rate. Technological growth is mainly attributed to scientific and medical research. Technological progress has created wealth for many people but some people’s lack of knowledge and awareness has prevented them from benefiting from the fruits of technology.

Technological change is an integral part of the development process of a civilization. Technological change facilitates the societal organization and makes it more efficient and effective. Technological innovation is one of the main drivers of the economy, therefore, it requires broad social support to implement new technologies.

Technological change has brought about remarkable changes in almost all domains of life. It has reshaped the world as we know it. The tremendous impact of Information Technology on the society cannot be ignored. Technological innovations are required for improving the quality of life in our society. However, it is often overlooked and misused by some individuals who do not realize its importance in our daily lives.

Technological Systems are emerging to fulfill the requirements of people at a faster rate. A Technological System is made up of various technologies which are designed to provide services or products that are necessary for humans to live their lives comfortably. Technologies are implemented to overcome current human limitations such as energy, communication, transportation, information and entertainment. Technological Systems are evolving to include the latest developments in information science, engineering and computer science. The main components of a Technological System include:

Technological Systems are essential to human existence. A Technological System is the combination of various emerging technologies to provide solutions for various problems facing the society. However, overuse and abuse of some technologies can create a risk to the interests of human beings. There are certain precautions to be taken when adopting new technologies. It is a wise decision to stick to the accepted norms in using new technologies and to develop a consensus to minimize the negative effects of misuse of technologies.