New Technologies to Improve the Quality of Life

Examples of Technology: Computers, electronics and the internet – The power to do complex thinking processes much quicker allows science, business and commerce to move much more rapidly. Examples of technology are the Internet which offers up-to-the-minute information to virtually anyone with internet access and gives real-time access to stored data on a computer. Examples of technology that helps people accomplish their goals include: mobile phones which give us the ability to send text messages anywhere we are; handheld devices such as GPS and cell phones which allow us to locate people or locate objects; and DVR (digital video recorder) technology which allows us to record our lives and store them for future retrieval. Some examples of new technologies that were introduced in 2021 include:

o Satellite TV. Now this is really cool. You can “watch” your favorite shows any time you like without having to leave home. How about sports coverage? With satellite TV you get the best of local coverage including ESPN. Plus, you no longer have to wonder if someone got the last laugh because you missed it when you were up top on your favorite show.

o Gaming. Computer and video games have become all the rage among children and teenagers. Video games can teach children basic skills, develop social skills and increase their imagination.

o Health Care. The invention of laser surgery has improved life and quality of life for many Americans. It has also increased the cost of health care and raised questions about whether or not health care will become too expensive. The newest technology in this area is called photodynamic treatment which uses special filters to eliminate the glare of sunlight from damaged tissues. This treatment is only recommended for retinal detachment, age spots and sun damage.

o Energy Savers. These include appliances such as refrigerators and washers that are now much more energy efficient. The older versions used a lot of electricity but they emitted smoke and fumes. They have also caused a rise in the cost of natural gas and heating oil.

Technological innovations are making everyday life easier and more convenient. If you have some of these newer technologies in your home, you’ll save money and the planet at the same time. Many of these new products and technologies are actually more affordable than you may think. Don’t be left out.