Major Industries of Technology in India

Technology is the study of any new techniques, machines, procedures, or processes used in the creation of new products or services or in the achievement of specific goals, for instance scientific research. Technological systems are usually developed to serve a human purpose or enhance on existing goods and services. In some cases, technologies are developed for the overall benefit of society.


Technologists in all areas work together to form a productive and supportive team. The most common industry of technologists in India is the Information Technology sector. In India there are numerous information technology companies that provide technical assistance to organizations in all aspects of information technology. These companies employ thousands of technologists and other IT professionals who possess both knowledge and IT skills to deliver tailor-made solutions to its clients.

The computer hardware industry is another important section of the technology sector that has gained momentum over the past three decades. Advancement in chip and computer software, networking and storage technologies, security systems, digital camera and video recorders, personal computers, desktop PCs, laptops, networking devices and accessories, desktop servers, printer cartridges and ink cartridges have added to the diversity and improved capabilities of computers and their associated equipment. The demand for computers and related software, including computer software engineering, has increased at an unprecedented rate in the past few years. This has resulted in growing competition among technology companies in the growing computer software market.

The third largest technology sector in India consists of the utility technology sectors. Oil & gas, coal, chemical, electrical and telecommunication are the essential inputs in these sectors. These industries require the latest technologies to capitalize on the emerging opportunities provided by advanced energy and resource policies and programs. In India, petroleum exploration and development is one of the key drivers of the growth of these two key information technology sectors. They have also contributed to the growth of the Information Technology industry in India.

The fourth largest IT sector in India is banking technology. This sector is witnessing rapid growth in the face of increasing competition in various sectors of the IT market. This has resulted in the integration of information technology into the overall working of the financial service sector. Computer software, internet banking, mobile phones, payment systems and banking infrastructure are the key inputs in this segment.

The fifth largest IT industry in India is telecommunication technology. This sector is witnessing significant technological changes due to increasing use of wireless networks, voice and data communication and high speed broadband. This has resulted in integration of technologies in a more comprehensive manner. This has also led to the growth of the information technology and communication industry in India.