History of GADgets


History of GADgets

A gadget is anything innovative or a complex piece made by man. Gadgets can be known as gizmos or devices. There is no limit to the gadget you can get nowadays and one of the latest gadgets includes the GADGET. This gadget was designed to help those who have problems with their memory or forgetfulness. It is usually called a brain fitness gadget.

According to its Wikipedia page, the GADGET is the first ever medical and technological device. The gadget was invented by a Canadian neurosurgeon named Russell Donnell. In fact, the first used of the GADGET was in 1970 during the Olympic Games in Montreal, Canada.

The word gadget comes from the French word “gette” that means little shoe. So GADGET is the first actual shoe manufactured. The term Gidget comes from the term Gidgetette, which is the name of the cartoon character who wore the shoe. Originally, the shoes were called as the “inky shoes”. But the term Gidget came to replace it since many people associated the cartoon character with gidget spoons.

The invention of GADGET is credited to Donnell after he realized that the symptoms of post-menopausal syndrome and memory loss was closely related to the way a woman’s feet functioned. According to him, the GADGET was a special shoe that stimulates a woman’s feet to feel pleasure and to have more sensations. His research work earned him the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. For this achievement, Donnell’s wife generously gave him a pink shoe called the GADGET so that he could continue his research.

Today there are many different gadgets being released in the market that can help you enhance your brain functioning. Some of these gadgets are also called as GADgets. But the term GADgets refers only to the technological gadgets. There are several websites on the Internet that provide information about the latest technology that is being used by scientists to make the brain perform better. This is also one of the reasons why many companies are coming up with innovative and advanced gadgets to use to promote their business. A good example of a GADget is the “Hear Brain” device, which is being used for rehabilitation.

When the brain is able to hear better, then a person will be able to understand other things better. The gadget is actually a hearing aid that can be worn on the ear. Another fascinating example is the “neurofibre headset”, which is a new gadget that helps the user to hear more clearly without having to shout to be heard. A good example of this type of GADgets is the “Goggles”, which are designed to help people suffering from presbyopia and improve their vision.